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Firefighter Arrested by Cop

While responding to an emergency, a fire captain was arrested after he would not move the fire truck. The police officer was ordered to pay $18,000 to the fire captain. (18,000 views)

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gentlemansgt at 11:03am Mar 1, 2008 Reply | Quote
I would like to see just what court ordered the officer to pay the fireman anything! I assure you that judgement was lost on appeal, an accident scene is a crime scene and is under control of the police. Everyone, including fireman, have to obey the directives of an officer. Show me the judgement orders from this.
That\'s what I thought.
Steven Tran, Oct 02 10 :11:32 am
officer is just a guy in a uniformer that get pay $40 an hour for arresting people. 2 Years of training no need high school diplomat. Go sign up to be a cop see if you have the right or not.

ArowHed at 3:26am Jul 10, 2008 Reply | Quote
SO NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! The police only have jusrusdiction at an accident when there is either a fatality or after all lives and injuries have been dealt with!!!!!!!! And either way the police have no jurusdiction over goverment vehicles that are not from their own department! And another thing is that that firetruck had every right to be there its a government vehicle it can be park wherever the driver deems nescisary!!!! Trust me id know my military car has gv plates....i have never gotten a ticket...well not while i was driving that one.

Dave Ruffo, Oct 15 11 :11:25 pm
WRONG! Police do not control fire or medical things. Hence Paramedics and Firefighters they have no say what so ever. The cop was taught how, and where to park his car when arriving on a scene and he should dam well know, that he maybe cannot move. If he needs to get to a call he can reach HQ and tell them that they are stuck on scene for the next 10-20mins. HQ WONT CARE. WOW. ArowHed if your going to talk at least know your shit.

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