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Indian Show gets Nasty

The hostess of an Indian reality show slaps a contestant, he slaps her back and all hell breaks loose! (30,408 views)

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ganderboy at 4:49am Sep 3, 2008 Reply | Quote
He gets slapped, slaps her, then he cries. Pussy.
valdemar, Mar 10 10 :10:27 am
Mabye cause he got beat up by 1-3 guys?

ketbi_112000 at 4:31pm Sep 6, 2008 Reply | Quote

ArcMagik at 3:49pm Oct 27, 2008 Reply | Quote
Where\'s the guy in the leather waist coat? I want to shake his hand.

PAMOFALLON at 8:11pm Nov 4, 2008 Reply | Quote

xazard at 12:42am Jan 31, 2009 Reply | Quote

Feralbreed at 5:49pm Nov 18, 2009 Reply | Quote
Damn... sad.

valdemar at 9:28am Mar 10, 2010 Reply | Quote
LOL notice the guy in the pink shirt that just attack the opputonity to kick somthing xD

chamuit at 3:00am May 12, 2010 Reply | Quote
how can she slap how come he slap

Vinh at 9:07am Oct 2, 2010 Reply | Quote
guys.... sometime a b&#ch like that deserve a good slap

mthaodevil at 1:32am Oct 11, 2010 Reply | Quote
Now I believe men should not hit women, but sometimes, she has it coming

Jim at 3:17pm Mar 3, 2011 Reply | Quote
dam talk about forplay lol

billcanada at 3:28am Dec 15, 2012 Reply | Quote
That psycho bitch slaps the guy first and when he defends himself by slapping her back all these idiots come out to attack him? They did nothing to her and she was the instigator. Unbelievable. The fucked up mentality of many people from India is crazy. The guy deserves a medal for slapping her back. The mad cow deserved it.

Zancho at 6:46pm Oct 18, 2013 Reply | Quote
If you go around hitting people, expect to be hit back.

Being a woman does not give you the right to hit a person, you can\'t slap the shit out of some one then turn around and try to play the "I\'m a weak woman and you can\'t hurt me" card, fuck you, you deserve to get slapped back to learn your lesson, that people should not go around hitting people, what goes around comes around.

She slaped him, he slaped her... seems fair, its not like he tried to choke the bitch or anything, he simply gave her a taste of her own medicine.

Last time I checked women were our equals... don\'t like it? too fucking bad.

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