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Obama Presidential Seal Falls off During Speech

Someone didn't stick it on well enough! (3,353 views)

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morrel2 at 7:17pm Oct 7, 2010 Reply | Quote
Thank god for Obama, Not only the best thing to happen to America but one of the best things to happen for the rest of the world as well. If the rest of the world were allowed to vote in American elections (as they rightly should, considering the global effect the US has) someone like Obama would have been president long ago and the world would be a much better place.
kakerot0, Oct 15 10 :06:41 am
You and valdy couldn\'t be more idiotic if you took classes. Obama has done more damage to this country than the germans did in your country when hitler was ass-raping you. Remember, that was when we stepped over and pulled his dick out of you ass and helped you get dressed and told you that you were still pretty and that it wasn\'t your fault. Fuck you American haters. Like you have a clue about politics if you\'re saying Hussein Obama was a good move. Pure ignorance, and you display it like you\'re proud of it.

valdemar, Feb 06 11 :01:18 am
@kakerot0 oh stfu you racist asshole. go eat a bunch of burgers you fat freak

valdemar at 10:50pm Oct 7, 2010 Reply | Quote
kakerot0, Oct 15 10 :06:43 am
You\'re drooling on yourself again Valdy. Use your bib like mama showed you.

valdemar, Feb 06 11 :01:19 am
you cause you were never loved you idiot :) now drool for me will ya? ^^

funkyjunk23 at 12:19am Oct 8, 2010 Reply | Quote
I Disagree, he is seriously pushing Carter for that "Worst President Ever" title. And No, the rest of the world has business in our elections. If you want to vote in the US, become a US citizen. Simple as that.
morrel2, Oct 08 10 :11:31 pm
Typical American ignorance! Oh by the way \'simple as that\' , there is nothing simple about becoming an American citizen, even if we all wanted to!

valdemar at 10:59am Oct 8, 2010 Reply | Quote
Yeah and now you guys can fuck the most of the things up for the rest of the world without we can vote what to happend...
kakerot0, Oct 15 10 :06:32 am
You sound incredibly intelligent!

valdemar, Feb 06 11 :01:20 am
And you sound incredibly idiotic

podman at 7:33pm Oct 8, 2010 Reply | Quote
Actually, the rest of the world can vote by proxy for any political figure in the USA. All foreign nations and foreign entities can subsidize any candidate of your choice with unlimited amounts of cash. This is the result of our recent supreme court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

In the US money talks and it gets results, so you can purchase any politician you want.

Larry at 9:44am Jun 2, 2011 Reply | Quote
the guy is having a tough time cleaning up after the worst president ever. believe my, it will take more than one term.

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