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Preview Guy

Pablo Francisco does a funny impression of the 'movie preview guy'. (3,701 views)

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morrel2 at 8:20pm Oct 18, 2010 Reply | Quote
kakerot0, Oct 19 10 :02:27 am
just like your comments.

morrel2 at 7:18pm Oct 19, 2010 Reply | Quote
You have serious fuckin issues kaker. And your lack of imagination by making a \'your mom\' comment about everything anyone says online defines your American stupidity even more. As for Irish, what the fuck makes you think I\'m Irish? But believe me I know not all Americans are stupid, and I am not a hater. What I do know is that there are a lot of good Americans having everything fucked up by Bush lovin Republicans like you that think the US is the epicentre of the world when you don\'t know shit about what goes on anywhere else. You are the epitome of the type of American that the world despises, you\'re a fuckin disgrace to your country, idiot
kakerot0, Oct 20 10 :08:13 am
You\'re not an American hater? You could have fooled me with your comments. Why do you think I\'ve been fuckin with you? I\'m not a hater either. I\'m just tired of America bashing by you and your fellow Brits. I\'m not going to throw WWII in your face or anything like a lot of Americans do but I thought we were allies. Now it seems, because we are engaged in an unpopular war, all Americans are everything to be despised. Wether I agree with a war or not, I still have to support my country. I lost one of my little brothers in Iraq and two buddies in Afghanistan. It has to have purpose for me. They can\'t have died for nothing. I\'m conservative but I am not a republican. I don\'t trust my Government to rule over me anymore than what is necessary to provide security, an infrastructure for transportation. medicare and medicaid for the children and their families and mother. Social Security for the elderly with additional safety nets. Human services for the poor and so on....I\'m a nice guy. A bleeding heart really. I have 4 kids that I raise by myself. It\'s not a bed of roses over here. As for Bush (W) I liked him because he was honest and he liberated over 70million people all while the Dems were try their damndest to tear him down. He aways did what he said he was going to do. He helped the economy the best he could have given we had just had our financial heart destroyed along with 3400 Americans on 911. That\'s not to say I liked everything he did. no I didn\'t. I definitely don\'t think of the US as the epicenter of the world. I didn\'t know until recently that helping another country from something horrid was wrong of us to do. Is it? Ya I know we had to take revenge and assure our safety but I also saw it as we were helping the citizens of that country rid them of their murderous oppressors or whatever had them in a corner with no way out. Are you supposed to just turn a blind eye and let all those families be slaughtered or whatever? I deal with the mess firsthand that obama has gotten us into. He\'s trying to push us into a depression! He is not good for this country in any way, shape, or form. I pay attention to all forms of media and try to decipher what is right and and research that avenue so I will know where I stand in relation to what is going on. I do know what goes on in the world as much as my busy life allows. I don\'t think all British people are bad. I Loved Tony Blair. He is a man of character. I apologize for my comments and will stop. I can only hope things improve for all of us because I don\'t like being mad at Great Britain. And I don\'t like Great Britain looking down on Americans and thinking badly of us.

ragidandy at 6:36pm Nov 20, 2010 Reply | Quote
That\'s it, fellas. Let it all out. This is definately the right forum for that.

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