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The Horror of 'My Super Sweet 16'

Charlie Brooker sums up perfectly why this tv show is awful. (6,000 views)

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valdemar at 5:01pm Jan 25, 2011 Reply | Quote
Spoiled brat..

morrel2 at 12:22am Jan 26, 2011 Reply | Quote
Bad parenting. Parents should be shot. Then again, damage is done to the kids, so they might as well be shot too.

podman at 9:29pm Jan 27, 2011 Reply | Quote
I live in the US, and I have to apologize to the world. For some reason American TV seems compelled to showcase the foulest human garbage, and then give them jobs running Americas largest corporations. Alas, I wish it were different.
teh bascoe, Jan 29 11 :12:31 am
It\'s sad really, because the average American does not watch this shit.

morrel2, Jan 30 11 :02:51 pm
It is sad, because I see teenagers here in Europe being envious of that, thinking that situations like that are pretty normal and wanting to aspire to that. It pushes parents into consumerism to impress their kids and it ruins peoples mentalities on life. It\'s disgraceful.

valdemar, Jan 31 11 :07:53 pm
Couldnt agree more Morrel2, kids dosent need a Iphone 4 at the age of 8-12 its just waste of techonology when kids at that age should not start so soon being infront of the screen. They should more likely go out and exercise cause i really can\'t stand fat kids.

shinglhed at 2:47pm Jan 28, 2011 Reply | Quote
Amen to that. Sometimes I wonder what has happened to cause the de-evolution of the human brain.

teh bascoe at 11:30pm Jan 28, 2011 Reply | Quote
Parents Fault 100%

metalman at 2:36pm Jun 14, 2011 Reply | Quote
This just shames Americans. I hate seeing this pitiful shit.

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