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Traffic Trading Info

To start trading traffic with ClipJunkie, first use the form above to add your site to our system. The traffic exchange is fully automated from our end, as long as you have "credits" the plugs you submit will be auto-approved.

Hits sent to the homepage of count as 3 credits (hits) and those sent to any of our video pages count as 1.

So once you have added your site to our system and have sent us some traffic, you can use this page (the top form) to check your credit status. If it's more than 0 then go here to submit your link.

Important! We've had to disable automatic approval, so once you've added your site and have started sending traffic, send us an email to let us know and we'll activate your account.

The top sending sites in the system will also be listed in the right panel under "Our Friends Sites".

Submissions must be work safe, meaning both the content and the site it is on must be SFW. If the thumbnail is deemed a little too risque, we will alter or remove it. Happy trading!

Any questions - contact us.

How To Link To Us

If you are linking to a video page, simply link directly to the URL with the title of your choosing, eg:
Sexy Pole Dancer -

If you are linking to our homepage, then link to:

For linking text please use either "Shocking Clips", "Sexy Clips" or "Clip Junkie".

Here are some images you can also use to link to us:

- 120x120

- 88x31